Why Zoloterra? Why Chelyabinsk?

Every year, hundreds of TEFL teachers come to Russia for work. The majority gravitate towards Moscow and St. Petersburg, the two biggest and most famous cities in the country.

But what are the advantages of moving to a smaller, lesser-known city?

1. Cost of Living

The city of Chelyabinsk is, on average, 25-30% cheaper to live in than either of Moscow or St. Petersburg.

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2. Privacy

At Zoloterra, we offer a private apartment. But don't worry about loneliness: another teacher will be living next door.

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3. A Smaller City is Still a City

Whilst significantly smaller in size than Moscow or St.Petersburg, Chelyabinsk is still the seventh biggest city in Russia, with a population of 1.2 million people. As such, it has all the facilities you would expect of a modern city: countless bars and clubs. shopping centres, theatres, museums, restaurants, parks, gyms and other year-round sporting facilities. All at a much lesser cost than elsewhere.

Bars and restaurants

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Double L Craft Pub

Jon b Sheffield, United Kingdom

We came in for food and a drink and got both along with really friendly service. The food is pub food, burgers, grilled meat etc but all cooked to order and pretty good. Great selection of beers. Really welcoming atmosphere and all round great night out. Reasonably priced too!

Jan-Roel B Enschede, The Netherlands

This pub it's one of the nicest in Chelyabinsk. They have plenty good beers from various countries. People are very friendly and the atmosphere is super.

VictorC1 Madrid, Spain

Huge variety of local beers and cider. Nice atmosphere. The owner is really smart. Although the place closes at midnight he let us stay until 3:00 AM while he was doing some of his admin. stuff. Will go back again when I return.

Uralskie Pelmeni

Marco B Milan, Italy

I've been there during a work trip, together with some friends. In the menu I found a huge variety of this so-called "Pelmeni" and the ones I tasted were excellent. Also the meat I tried was very good. Then there was live music on the ground floor and many people dancing, funny. I don't know for Russians, but the price was cheap, excellent!

Supertourists London

Ate there once with my colleagues during our work trip. Authentic place with wide selection of traditional Russian dishes. I had dumplings from beat meat, vareniki and pickles - all tasted very well. The place has a long history dating back to Soviet times and many city visitors still go there to reminisce their student years. Surprisingly prices are very reasonable.

Balkan Grill

Helmut H Hönigsberg, Austria

It was one of the best restaurants in the world where I have eaten the best steaks ever. It is a must to be in Chelyabinsk to go there and enjoy the fantastic service and best Serbian food in town.

Jan-Roel B Enschede, The Netherlands

This restaurant has very friendly, good English speaking personel. They have a great variety of foods an everything we had was very tasteful. After dinner we had a short chat with the very friendly manager and this also gave a good feeling. I really can advise this restaurant.

154919Michaelt29 Lethbridge, Canada

We went to the ballet and was walking distance from there. We had the best staff who were helpful and spoke very good english. Highly recommend going to this place if you are hungry and want a very good meal. Had a steak which was made exactly what i asked for. Would dine her again in a heartbeat.

Theatres and museums

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Chelyabinsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater

beeareendeea Lansdale, Pennsylvania

What a great venue. I saw many performances here, both opera and ballet and all were fantastic. For the price of a movie ticket here in the U.S., I saw world class performers in a beautiful theater.

London021 London

I went twice to the Glinka - to see ballet. Once for a mainstream performance of Sleeping Beauty and once for a mid-day performance aimed at children, which turned out to be Snow White. It was incredibly good value (£* for SB and only £3 for the lunchtime one). The theatre has its own resident Orchestra of a good standard and although Ballet is not really my thing, I enjoyed it and thought it was a good standard

Thunder D Orlando, Florida

Our hosts took us here and even though we didn't understand a word of Russian, it was a great evening. It wasn't that hard to follow the plot and the performance was magical. It doesn't match up to the Bolshoi, but for a Siberian city, they do a great job.

Chelyabinsk Museum of Regional Studies

London021 London

Visited this Museum to try and get a sense of the history if the area. It has different sections on Modern HIstory (particularly the October Revolution and second world war and consequent rise of industry). However there are also really interesting Sections on the history of the confluence of different ethnic groups in the area, including clothing and social history. There were also exhibits about the natural history of the area including: geology, flora, animals, etc. Much of the information is also translated in English. Finally a section on stoneage history

malinasnake Belgrade, Serbia

I am sorry I didn't have much time to explore this museum with patience because It is really beautiful museum that portrays rich Russian history. Also you can see the famous Chelyabinsk meteor. I must say that I am also really impressed with the architectural solution for this building, both external/internal. Through big glass windows you can enjoy watching the rest of the city and Miass river.

Museum of Labor and Fighting Glory

davifor88 Province of Bergamo, Italy

Absolutely recommended. The museum is dedicated to Chelyabinsk tractor plant and its role in the development of the city and of the whole country, as well as its key role in war production during WW2. Knowledge of russian is preferrable for a more thourough experience. I went to the museum alone and without reserving a tour, I found out with pleasure that not only the visit is for free, but I got showed around by the museum director, a very prepared and kind lady, who managed to leave me deeply impressed with the factory and city history. I will remember this visit fondly.

Cathy C Bath, UK

Fascinating museum in which the history of the USSR is seen through the example of the Chelyabinsk tractor plant. We were privileged to have a guided tour from an enthusiastic and very informative lady who had moved to Chelyabinsk as a young child when her parents came to begin work there. She gave us a vivid account of the challenges and triumphs over the years. Even for visitors without Russian the many photographs and other exhibits tell the story. Unmissable for anyone with an interest in history.


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Gagarin Park

David L

Peaceful park area in the centre of Chelyabinsk city. This is a nice place to go to forget that you're in the centre of a large city, with its traffic, pollution etc. You can walk around the green forested areas, chill out by the fountain (or climb in, if it's hot), watch the wildlife (tame squirrels, birds) or visit the theme park. Stalls for food and drink around.

R R Miami, Florida

I definitely recommend visiting this park even if you only visit Chelyabinsk for one day, it is worthwhile - this and the Chelyabinsk Regional Studies Museum!

LondonUKTtfn London UK

I definitely recommend visiting this park even if you only visit Chelyabinsk for one day, it is worthwhile - this and the Chelyabinsk Regional Studies Museum!

Pedestrian Street Kirovka

timetravel88 Auckland Central, New Zealand

Good for a stroll to absorb the local atmosphere and culture. Extends from the Square (Revolution Sq) to the Miass River. Plenty of cafes and the expected souvenir shops. An opportunity to sample local cuisine. Interesting sculptures along the street.

Mike R Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This was my favorite place in the city. Had everything to offer, great food, nice shops, beautiful atmosphere. If you're traveling to Chelyabinsk, this street is a must!

A TripAdvisor

i'm currently here in winter time, & as long as you dress warmly, your walk here will be super relaxing. It has an amazing atmosphere. Since days are really short in winter here, & the sun sets as early as at 4pm, you can either come here to take a stroll & enjoy the sunset, or come around 6pm to enjoy the night view. It was really enjoyable for me since I like to wander around alone & sightsee.

Victory Garden

A. Pushkin City Garden

Shopping centres and sporting facilities

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Ice Arena Traktor

Stefan M Perth, Australia

It's a sport arena, and not a sight by itself. However, you can expect high class facilities and reasonably friendly staff. Chelyabinsk in general is certainly a very developed city for sports events and the Traktor Arena certainly contributes to that.

MamaR Springfield, Ohio

Made it a family trip with my dad and my son! the spirit of the place and fans was great! The time flew too fast! Must-place to taste the local spirit!

MariaM3 Marathon, Greece

Ice hockey team tractor is the pride and love of Chelyabinsk. For the fans it's not just hockey. It is a way of life, it is their religion. Real sport, real hockey!


Chelyabinsk Moscow Difference
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 402.55 RUB 600.00 RUB +49.05 %
Cappuccino (regular) 107.00 RUB 170.27 RUB +59.13 %
Potato (1kg) 23.33 RUB 36.02 RUB +54.36 %
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) 400.00 RUB 500.00 RUB +25.00 %
Eggs (regular) (12) 63.20 RUB 77.87 RUB +23.21 %
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 25.00 RUB 52.50 RUB +110.00 %
Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff) 4.00 RUB 11.00 RUB +175.00 %
Sports And Leisure
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult 2,063.64 RUB 2,812.24 RUB +36.28 %
Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat 250.00 RUB 400.00 RUB +60.00 %
Clothing And Shoes
1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar) 3,531.25 RUB 5,443.06 RUB +54.14 %
1 Pair of Nike Running Shoes (Mid-Range) 4,341.29 RUB 5,702.60 RUB +31.36 %
Rent Per Month
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre 14,909.09 RUB 57,796.31 RUB +287.66 %
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre 10,272.73 RUB 33,915.98 RUB +230.16 %

5. An Immersive Experience

Much like London is hardly representative of the UK, or New York of America, life in Moscow differs greatly from the rest of the country (and St. Petersburg was always intended as a bridge between Russia and mainland Europe).
Many people who come to Russia do so through an interest in the language and culture, and you'll find a far more genuine experience of that to be had in Chelyabinsk. And, as Westerners are far fewer in number, people will take a greater interest in you and possibilities of striking up conversations and developing friendships with locals are far more prevalent.

4. Beautiful Nature

The city of Chelyabinsk is an industrial one, to be sure, but did you know that the Chelyabinsk region has almost 4,000 lakes?


Zyuratkul National Park is a Russian national park established in 1993. Because of its clear water and spectacular landscape around, Zyuratkul' is often called "Ural Ritsa". Also remarkable is a number of mountain ranges, among them Zyuratkul' range (8 km in length, rising 1175 m in its highest point). Another range, Nurgush, is the highest point of Chelyabinsk Oblast with a height of 1406 m.

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Lake Turgoyak, situated just one hour west of the city, is the second cleanest in Russia after Baikal.

Lake Uvildy is often called “a pearl of the South Urals”. This is a huge closed lake of tectonic origin formed some millions of years ago.


The Ural Mountains are a two hour drive, or a three hour coach ride away: if you love, or would like to try, skiing, it's one of the most popular places for mountain sports in the whole country.

About us

Zoloterra has been in operation for ten years, and in that time we have taught English to thousands of students of all ages and levels, as well as several major companies here in Chelyabinsk. We are always looking to develop further.

Our offices

ул. Коммуны, д. 133

ул. Молодогвардейцев, д. 60В

ул. Скульптора Головницкого, д. 16

Apartments for you

What is it like to work for Zoloterra?

At Zoloterra we strive to make your life here in Chelyabinsk as comfortable as we can. Second to providing teachers with their own private accommodation, it’s vital that the job itself is as stress-free and rewarding as possible.

1Class sizes are kept small, up to a maximum of 10 people (the average class size is between 6 and 8 students).

2We try to avoid giving teachers split shifts or requiring them to move between offices during the day.

3Everything you will need is provided by the company: all of our schools are fitted with modern equipment including interactive white boards, a wide variety of teaching materials, WiFi, a kitchen and vending machines.

4The schools are all in populous areas, well-served by public transport.

Between our three schools, including administrators and office personnel, we have a small, close-knit staff: teachers frequently socialize together, and the atmosphere is professional but laid-back. Our experienced teachers will be more than happy to help new teachers get acquainted with the job and the city of Chelyabinsk. Teachers are also free to fill any gaps in their schedule as they see fit: we ask teachers to be at the office only when they need to teach.

Our teachers

Antony William Bousfield

Samuel Thomas Durrell

Michael Jack Halewood

What do we look for in teachers?

We believe that classes should be both enjoyable and productive: the ideal teacher will develop a good rapport with their students, whilst providing interesting, helpful instruction.

Our courses are based on the communicative method, but teachers are free to organize their classes in whatever way they feel best suits the students’ needs.

Our students are highly-motivated to learn English, and they will ask a lot of questions: the ability to explain and demonstrate the various aspects and nuances of the English language is vital.

We have students of all ages and levels, so versatility is another important skill.

We don’t have a strict dress code, but ask that teachers look professional.

An open-minded, professional and personable teacher will find at Zoloterra a calm, stable working environment, highly-motivated students, remuneration well above the local average, and the ability to live comfortably in the city of Chelyabinsk, whilst enjoying a rewarding, immersive experience living in Russia.

1Self-discipline 2Open mind 3Creativity 4Communication 5Versatility

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